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BLRT Grupp

Mark Berman, Member of Supervisory Board, BLRT GRUPP AS: “BLRT Grupp has picked wind energy as one of its strategic priorities. Today, we have the know-how and the practical work experience in the manufacturing of various structures and special mounts for both on- and off-shore wind farms. As a member of the wind energy cluster, we attach particular importance to involvement in the development of the relevant branch of industry and in setting up the prerequisites for contributing to collaborative projects on energy generation and technology.”

BLRT got its start with wind energy projects in 1998-1999, when the first pylons were manufactured for the German company Jacobs. In 2007, business collaboration began with the German company BARD Engineering, which will construct the first off-shore wind farm.

BLRT’s objective is to increase its market share in similar projects, and to accomplish this, investments have been and continue to be made in both technology and people. In product development for wind energy, we are also moving in a direction allowing our clients to get a “ready to run” service.

BLRT Grupp AS is one of the biggest industrial groups in the Baltic States. Today, the Group includes 65 subsidiaries employing a total of 3400 people.

Mark Berman, Member of Supervisory Board of BLRT GRUPP AS, tel. +372 6 102 932, mberman(at)bsr.ee
Algerd Andruskevitsus, Board Member of Elme Metall, tel. +372 6 102 554, a.andruskevitsus(at)bsr.ee

Andres Juurman, Sales- and Marketing Manager of  BLRT Marketex OÜ, tel. +372 6 102 420, jurman.marketex(at)bsr.ee