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Estonian University of Life Sciences

emuAndres Annuk, Head of Department of Energetics, Institute of Technology: „Participating in the work of wind power cluster gives researchers in the Department of Energetics more possibilities to implement their own knowledge in practice and find new cooperation partners.”

The main activity of the Department of Energetics of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is to prepare specialists with Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level degrees in the field of energetics. The main disciplines are wind energetics, integrated energy systems, solar heating, modeling of heating processes, infrasound. The Department of Energetics has research laboratories for automatics, wind energy, solar heating and heat pumps. The main research topic is the integration of wind power units into energy systems.

Andres Annuk, tel +372 73 133 22, mob +372 55 682 624, fax +372 73 133 34, e-mail andres.annuk@emu.ee