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Skinest Energia

Roman Ait, Member of the Board of AS Skinest Energia: “The cluster fosters relations between wind parks and the companies engaging in their development and this helps to create additional value. In the future, Estonian companies could engage in both the manufacturing and erecting of wind turbines. In addition to acquiring the necessary know-how, the contracting of local services can decrease the load on the environment and create jobs for residents of Estonia. If our cluster can take off in Estonia, then why not also offer it for export to our immediate neighbours like Lithuania or Russia.”

Skinest Energia is the developer, owner and operator of Estonia’s Esivere Wind Park (12MW). Skinest Energia belongs to Skinest Group which includes many companies who have their own production facilities that can be outsourced to wind turbine manufacturers; as a result, the company also has its sights set on the outsourcing market.

Jaak Tuksam, tel +372 56 992 982, jaak.tuksam(at)skinest.ee