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Tallinn University of Technology


Tõnu Lehtla, Dean of the Power Engineering Faculty at TUT: “The new millennium requires new solutions for energy as existing traditional energy sources and production processes are being replaced by new ones. Considering the increasing popularity of wind power use and the problems involved, there are significant possibilities for cooperation between Tallinn University of Technology and enterprises.”

Output in the wind power cluster:

The aim of TUT is to be Estonia’s leading centre in the ever-evolving electric power engineering sector. TUT supports the wider application of wind power in electricity production in the Baltic Sea region. To achieve those aims we perfect and distribute our know-how.

  • The Department of Electrical Power Engineering deals with the optimal and safe production, transfer and distribution of electricity. One of the new directions is energy planning, the use of the energy market and alternative energy sources and the optimising of large systems.
  • The Department of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics deals with electrical power conversion, storage and the management of energy use. The development of local electrical grids and smart electrical power consumers and electrical power transporting technologies are among the new directions.
  • The Department of Mining deals with applied geology and mining of mineral resources.
  • The Department of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Machinery deals with electrical machinery, electrical technology, electrical measurements, electromagnetic compatibility and fields.


Tõnu Lehtla, tel + 372 6 203 704, tlehtla(at)staff.ttu.ee

Ivo Palu, + 372 6 203 769, ivo.palu(at)ttu.ee