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Offshore Conference

Offshore wind farms located in the best wind conditions and away from people’s living areas allow for the production of large amounts of energy, providing a real alternative to traditional energy generation. For te first time in history, Estonia started its maritime spatial planning with groundbreaking counties Hiiumaa and Pärnumaa. Offshore wind energy is expected to play an important role in the CO2-neutral energy economy and in the cleantech industry. These and many other issues were discussed at the first Estonian Offshore Wind Energy Conference in Hiiumaa, organized by Estonian Wind Power Cluster.

Estonian Offshore Wind Energy Conference

29 – 30. October 2013

Hiiumaa, Kassari

Many foreign speakers shared their experiences, such as how Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative united local community and wind power. There were also presetantions about case studies from Sweden and Belgium, as well as news from neighbors and Brussels.

Conference also touched topics as Estonian offshore projects, national maritime spatial planning, opportunities in offshore wind energy industry and security of supply.

You can find the presentations HERE. In addition you can find picture in Facebook.